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Moving to BC

Hello. I decided to join this community in hopes of gathering useful information about moving to BC as a parent. I was going to post this in the vancouver community, but I figured you people would be able to give me better insights since we all have one thing in common already.

I am 21 years old and I have a 17 month old daughter and we live all together with her daddy here in Winnipeg. We are planning to move to BC, hopefully before April of 2006, so that gives us 6 months to prepare and such. We both don't have any relatives there except for my cousin who had just moved there a month ago, she hasn't really gone around much to tell me more about BC.

Okay, which areas of the province would be better suited for families? I heard some nice things about Coquitlam, so can anyone tell me more about that area? What other areas are suited for families? We would like to start off renting an apartment first and our budget for that is no more than $750/month, can we get a decent 1 or 2 bedroom for that price or is that too low? I also heard about people renting out basements. Is that suited for a small family like mine? What would I have to look out for if we should choose to rent out a basement instead? We're also thinking of bringing our car there, there is public insurance for that, right?

Sorry about the questions. Basically, I'll appreciate ANY information you guys can give me. Oh and, I'm not really looking into child care because my boyfriend will be working during the days and hopefully I can find employment during the evening.

Thanks in advance to those who can help =)
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