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I am looking for somewhere to get a t-shirt printed for a friend's b-day gift. All I want is a single word printed on the front. Does anyone know a good place roundabouts Vancouver/North/West Van?

Also looking for a like minded single parent/student who would be interested in occasional childcare swapping so that I can get study time in, and also some work that I need to do as it pertains to my studies...I live in North Van near Cap Mall, and am flexible of days/times. My kids are with their dad every other weekend, and one is in school all day (Kinergarten), and the other is in preschool 4 days per week (T/Thurs all day, Mon/Wed 2 hours).

You can reply here or email at tdececco at shaw dot ca
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I got a couple of shirts with one word on each printed at a place on Granville Island. I'm sorry I can't be more specific (I don't remember the name), but they were helpful, accurate, and reasonably priced. It's on one of the main roads and it just looks like a big t-shirt shop with a printing section at the front.