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Tina's (Opened April 1st)

Hey everyone, my name is Jayne and I'm new to this community. Just here to promote my store:

#104 - 3278 Westwood Street
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia,

Tina's is an upscale adult store featuring aromatherapy candles and hand crafted soaps. Something to add to a romantic night together with your lover. If you are looking for something and we don't current have it in stock, we will gladly order it in for you :)
Any questions? E-mail me at jayne@tinas.ca
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The perfect alternative to paraffin candles, a petroleum based product, are scented natural soy wax candles. They are healthier and do not irritate allergies like paraffin wax candles. The available fragrances are just awesome. Soy candles seem to throw their fragrance better throughout the room too.