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Breastfeeding and Hentai.

I'm hoping this is an appropriate forum to ask this, if not do as you wish.


Is there still an issue about breastfeeding icons on Livejournal?

Because if that's inappropriate, may I ask, why are hentai icons (a community, no less) on Livejournal?

If LJ is busy dictating moral standard on the internet, that is.
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livejournal says nobody is allowed to have default icons with "graphic" nudity. I believe that you can have a default breastfeeding icon so long as the nipple and/or areola are not visible.
Your non-default icons can be pretty much anything you want.

Not agreeing with the policy... just stating it :p
Yea, I was just wondering if that was still the case. I don't have breastfeeding icons, because eww, they would have me in them!
yerp. i know that was indeed their policy, and i think that's still the case... although i'm no entirely positive because i read in some comment somewhere that lj backed down, and the fight seems to have stopped.